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This healing session is done remotely. You should plan on having your session at a time when you can be alone and in a quiet private space.

The Quantum Healing Alchemy session starts with Zoila and the client discussing what issue the client would like to address in the session via phone, WhatsApp, or video call. Then Zoila accesses the quantum field while the client relaxes. This is the energy field that exists outside of space and time, where our soul resides. There, Zoila works with the client’s Higher Self who chooses the frequencies needed in order to clear and balance the client’s issue. 

The client's Higher Self, attuned to the unique frequencies of the client's energy field, orchestrates the process of clearing and harmonizing any imbalances. This harmonization may encompass a range of interventions, including the retrieval of fragmented soul aspects that are prepared for integration. The Higher Self may also choose to address and release energetic blocks that manifest as disturbances in the client's etheric, emotional, mental, and physical bodies.

The origins of these energetic imbalances are multifaceted, often rooted in past traumas, soul loss experiences, ancestral legacies, early childhood impressions, or profound grief. Such traumas have the potential to become imprinted not only on the emotional and mental landscapes but also within the body's cellular memory and DNA. These imbalances, lurking beneath the surface, exert their influence on the subconscious, self-esteem, neurophysiology, organ health, and even the life experiences that unfold.

A Quantum Healing Alchemy session also addresses:   

-Clearing energetic cords and hooks that bind individuals to unhelpful connections.

-Activations and upgrades to awaken dormant potentials.

-Addressing PTSD and its lingering effects.

-Restoring the sense of willpower and inner strength.

-Retrieving aspects of the self that may be stuck in other dimensions.

-Cultivating abundance consciousness to manifest one's desires.

-Healing ailments stemming from spiritual attachments.

-Reclaiming personal power and sovereignty.

-Dissolving outdated energetic contracts.

-Balancing and aligning the chakras.

-Uncovering life's purpose and true calling.

-Healing ancestral bindings that affect the present.

-Clearing meridian channel blockages for enhanced vitality and flow.

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